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[Production Line] Car License Plate Production Line Under Discussion With Customer

[Production Line] Car License Plate Production Line Under Discussion With Customer
Issue Time:2019-01-10
Car License Plate Production Line Under Discussion With Customer
2019 Jan 9
Car License Plates Production Line is one of HongEr's whole production line solutions.
HongEr can also provide you whole production line for hinges, home appliances, kitchenwares, buttons, eyelets, electrical junction boxes, and automotive metal parts.

Customers can get one-station solution from HongEr Machine.

This production line has several procedures, such as uncoiling, straightening, laminating, feeding, punching, engraving and hot printing. Consumables are aluminum coils, laminating films, and hot printing films.

HongEr can equip every machine in this car plate production line to make it work.
1) Decoiler for uncoiling
2) Straightener for straightening
3) Film Laminator for laminating reflective film (we can also provide the reflective films)
4) NC Servo Feeder for feeding the metal strip
5) Punch press machine for blanking and round cornering (we can also provide the progressive dies)
6) Conveyor belt
7) Engraving machine for engraving the numbers and letters on the plates (we can also provide the moulds of numbers and letters)
8) Hot printing machine for hot printing the final color on the numbers and letters (we can also provide the hot printing films)
Car License Plates Production Line Technical Meeting
HongEr's car license plates production line is going to be installed in Sudan next month. By that time, HongEr will send our engineers and translators out to give instructions for the installation, and train the employees.

Here is a video of the production line for car license plates.
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