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[Exhibition] HongEr Participating Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibition 2018

[Exhibition] HongEr Participating Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibition 2018
Issue Time:2018-12-10
HongEr Participating Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibition 2018
Dec 10, 2018
During 5-8th December, HongEr Machine participated Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibition 2018.
This Exhibition is held annually.
HongEr Machine is very happy to meet our customers in Indonesia.
We believe our participation can largely help local sheet metal stamping industry's automation revolution. 
Customers winning Free Shipping gifts at the exhibition
HongEr Prepared some traditional gifts for our customers (bookmarks)
Little gifts for our customers
Nowadays, Indonesia is mainly using manual feeding for the press.

Using our automatic feeder machines, you can greatly enhance the production capacity and make them more competitive.
About HongEr Machine
HongEr Machine is a Manufacturer of machines for metal stamping. The business scope of HongEr Machine includes decoiler, straightener, feeder, transfer press and punch press.
These machines are used mainly in metal stamping work, or sheet metal fabrication work.
HongEr Machine has a history of almost 20 years. By setting up our goals at Japanese brands, we have proceeded into the leading quality and service suppliers in China.
If you are looking for suggestions to optimize your production, please freely contact us.
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