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[Manipulator] HongEr Transfer Stamping Tri-Axis Manipulator Testing after Manufacturing

[Manipulator] HongEr Transfer Stamping Tri-Axis Manipulator Testing after Manufacturing
Issue Time:2018-11-28

HongEr Transfer Stamping Tri-Axis Manipulator Testing after Manufacturing

Nowadays, in metal stamping industry, medium-high volume production is often done by Transfer Press. A Transfer Press system operates multiple dies as a complete system. In this system, each die has its own task of shaping / forming the part, so in the end, the metal part attains its final shape and size.

During transfer stamping, the press is mounted with a number of dies, and the metal sheet moves from one station to the next. Traditionally, this process of moving the metal sheet is manual, done by humans. Nowadays, more and more factories are using automatic transfer stamping systems. Automatic transfer stamping systems are destackers to get the metal blanks from the stack, and manipulators to grab the metal sheet from one station, move it horizontally or vertically towards the next station. Manipulators sometimes are built into the press, some times are built onto the dies, some times are individual, etc. There are various types of manipulators and we are developing much more types as manufacturing requirements develop, and as manufacturing skills escalate.

In the video below, HongEr Machine is testing the tri-axis transfer manipulator for press transfer system. Congratulations on the successful test.

Introduction of Tri-Axis Transfer Manipulator for Press Transfer System

Tri-axis transfer moves along three axles during each press stroke. During the downstroke of the press, the transfer manipulator holding the work piece will lower the work piece to the lower die, and retract to leave the metal part on the die. At the bottom of the stroke, the transfer manipulator will go back by one pitch to prepare for the next workpiece. During the upstroke, the transfer manipulators will reach inward the dies to pick up the metal piece, then go forward to next station. The process repeats like that. The three axes of motion are up-down, in-out, and forward-back.

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