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What's more and more punch presses equipped with CNC feeders?

What's more and more punch presses equipped with CNC feeders?
Update Time:2019-05-14

There are many feeders that can be used in conjunction with punch presses. Air feeders, roller feeders, NC servo feeders, clip feeders, etc. Customers are increasingly choosing in the purchase. It is an NC numerical control feeder. Many customers also have doubts that the NC numerical control feeder is more expensive than the air feeder and the roller feeder. It is slower than the clip feeder. Why do more and more punch presses choose the CNC feeder? 

Fundamentally speaking, because compared to other models of feeders, NC servo feeders have a number of advantages:

1. The feeding step has a wide range and can be fed in multiple stages. The NC numerical control feeder has a wider range of applications. Feeding step is one of the key factors of stamping processing. If air feeder, roller feeder and clip feeder are selected, the feeding step will be limited after the model is selected, the range is very small, and NC control feeding The machine is different, the feeding step can reach 0-10 meters, one machine can meet a variety of processing modes, but reduce the investment cost of customers.

2. The operation is simple and intuitive, the professional requirements are not strong, and the investment and labor intensity of the customer's labor cost are reduced. The NC control feeder's step setting and number setting are all simple digital input on the touch screen. One person can operate several automatic punching machine production lines, and the labor cost has been greatly reduced.

3. The CNC feeding machine has higher feeding precision, good stability and improved precision of stamping finished products. Jinzhide NC numerical control feeder adopts Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor to directly drive the feeding roller to achieve precise feeding, ensuring high feeding accuracy. Compared with other transmission forms, the CNC feeding machine has better precision and makes the finished product quality. better.

4. Low failure rate, good stability, easy maintenance and maintenance, reducing the overall maintenance cost. NC NC feeder only needs to wipe the machine simply, without the need for frequent maintenance and replacement of the seal ring like the air feeder, and it is not necessary to adjust the eccentric wheel, the length of the rod before each boot, and check like the roller feeder. The fastening of each screw.

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